What you need to do for a sensitive skin?

Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Not only in the sense of response but it is also sensitive to the climate etc. This calls for the demand for the need of sensitive skin care. When your skin is sensitive, your skin can be irritated even by the littlest things. It can be the food that you eat, the climate that you are in, the product that you use or anything else. There are certain general tips which basically tell you what needs to be done and what are the things that need to be avoided if you have a sensitive skin. This article will explain you the things that you need to do to take proper care of your sensitive skin.

What You Need To Do?

  • gentle natural face moisturizerIn order to keep your skin clear, drinking water with lemon is one of the best ways. Drinking water with lemon provides you not only beauty but also health benefits. The health benefits are it detoxifies, aids in the digestion process, purifies the blood and hence relieves from bloating. It also beautifies skin by providing sensitive skin care
  • Protecting sensitive skin is a must. For this, sunscreen is very much important, irrespective of what type of skin you possess. When you choose the sunscreen, make sure the SPF content is low. Because the higher the amount of SPF, the more irritation there can be. An ideal SPF would be an SPF 30. This will help you by blocking nearly 97% of UV rays.
  • When it comes to choosing the skin product, you need to be extra cautious. Try to stick to the natural products. Also avoid fragrance as fragrance is one of the most irritating factors when it comes to skin care.
  • Yet another mandatory thing that you need to consider is having a healthy diet. It is advised to increase the intake of anti-inflammatory spices such as Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. The Ingestion of these spices help in reducing the inflammation on skin and also prevents fine lines along with wrinkles.
  • Home remedy is the best for any diseases and it applies equally when it comes to take care of your skin. One of the best home remedy to exfoliate your sensitive skin is given here. Mix half a cup of sugar with olive oil. This will help in exfoliating and also in binding the gentle natural face moisturizer to the skin. After this, rinse and then apply freshly squeezed lemon juice. This juice contains AHA’s which has exfoliating property naturally. Apply it using a cotton pad. Once you apply, leave it on for duration of 5-7 minutes, after which you again need to rinse and moisturize.

Doing the above the things will help a lot in maintaining your sensitive skin. In addition to following the above suggestions, there are certain things that need to be avoided completely for a proper sensitive skin care. Few of the things that need to be avoided are over exfoliating the skin, avoiding the usage of petroleum based products.