WAC – Get Your Ultra Spun, Copyscape-passed Articles Today!

Creating your articles can take a lot of time. There will come a time where you will need unique and fresh articles right away. This is now made possible for you when you use the best content generation software that you can use for your SEO needs. This is the Wicked Article Creator or WAC. The wait is over! You can now generate over 100 ultra-spun articles that you can use for any SEO tool within seconds!

What You Get with Wicked Article Creator

There is the reason why the Wicked Article Creator is considered as one of the best content generation software by its clients. Those who have given this software a try can truly attest on how amazing this is. If you’re interested in downloading the fully-functional Wicked Article Creator, here are the features that you can get with this product.


  • Site Scraper. The WAC can scrape titles, different headlines, and also paragraphs from any website that you can use for your unique article.
  • One Clicker Spinner. The Wicked Article Creator spinner or the “Spinrewriter” is used to spin articles in order to create fresh content.
  • GSA API. You can now build a complete project data or maybe tiered projects for your GSA SER with WAC.
  • Article Templates. With this feature, you can choose the article template that you want to use with your content.
  • Image and Video Scraper. Using a single keyword, you can scrape different images and videos that you can use for your article.
  • Title Builder. Creating titles for an article can be challenging. With the help of WAC, you will now have a title builder that can generate titles from their unique title database.
  • One Time Cost. No need for subscriptions! When you choose to purchase the fully-functional Wicked Article Creator, you have to payonly once, and you will get lifetime updates at no additional cost!

Wicked Article Creator Articles – Copyscape Passed?

According to Wicked Article Creator, the majority of the ultra-spun articles that they provide you are Copyscape passed. They are using WAC for ranking even with some of their websites. They also use WAC generated content on tier 1 backlinks because they havecomplete trust with the spinning technique that they are using. All of their websites have over 45,000 backlinks that are indexed. This means that the content that you get from Wicked Article Creator works! No questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Wicked Article Creator today! Once you have it, you can it back and relax while you scan through the most amazing articles that you can use for SEO. No pressure, no hassle! Easy and cost-efficient!