Tips To Secure Instagram account

Instagram is one of the most popular apps of the moment, and like all successful apps, it can be the target of cyberattacks. Lately, hundreds of Instagram users have complained about being hacked, worse: losing access to their account. Hackers have managed to change account-related email addresses to prevent the recovery of accounts. Here are some reflexes to adopt to better secure his Instagram account and avoid a misadventure.


We can not say it enough: never use the same password for your different web services and applications. This advice may sound trivial and yet many users choose to use the same password for the different services they use every day because it is “more convenient, simpler”. Using the same password everywhere makes it easier for hackers who, once infiltrated in your mailbox, can retrieve and modify access for all your other services. It’s the same for Instagram. Number of technique available for how to hack Instagram

Choose a password that is strong enough, with a combination of special characters, numbers, and letters. And if you’re afraid of forgetting it, store it in a password manager. Also, these tools very often integrate their password generator.

security module of Instagram

Instagram also offers to connect via its Facebook account. If this solution is very convenient, it also means that if your Facebook account is hacked, your Instagram profile is potentially at risk, so we recommend using separate credentials.


Since 2016, Instagram offers additional security: dual-factor authentication. This system implies that to log in to his account, the user must enter two pieces of information in addition to his email address: his password + unique code that he will receive by SMS.

The security module of Instagram also offers backup codes in case the user is not able to receive SMS. The problem is that hackers today have effective methods to intercept SMS and retrieve codes sent. Note that Instagram is currently working on the implementation of a dual-factor authentication solution without SMS, which complicates the task of hackers.


Third-party apps and services may request access to your Instagram account. These applications include tools to download Instagram videos, tools that can analyze your account, its popularity or even generate false likes. Among the solutions cited, some, especially those to obtain likes are very doubtful. They are real gold mines for hackers. To check and revoke apps with access to your account, you must sign in to the Instagram web interface. Once connected, go to the settings icon and click on “Authorized Apps”