Spray tan – what to wear?

Today many women are showing interest in skin tan as they can enjoy several benefits out of it. Since the natural way of skin tan consumes more time than they sound to be, they tend to move towards the method called spray tan. This is a beauty process in which the body will be tanned by using artificial products all over the body. During this tan treatment many women will not prefer to move nude. And the bras for spray tan are specially made for them. They can use this kind of bras for their spray tan treatment and this will be more comfortable for them in all the ways.

During treatment

Almost all the women who are moving towards the spray tan tend to have this question in their mind. They tend to have a great confusion in the attire which they are supposed to wear during this procedure. These women can remain stress that they can wear the most comfortable one for their procedure.

There are many women who will not prefer to go nude during this treatment. In such case, they can move for special strapless bras which are specially made for the strap tan. However, after the treatment they cannot wear the same bras as the bras would have been damaged during the treatment.

After treatment

As mentioned above during treatment women can wear anything that is comfortable but after the treatment they must make sure to wear the dark color clothes and the other important thing is they must wear only the loose clothes. They can wear a loose sweat pant, loose sun dress or a loose t- shirt. Many people tend to have a question about Can you wear a bra after a spray tan? They can consult the advice of the experts in order to wear the right dress according to their skin tone after the treatment.