Research Paper- Format and Steps to Write

A research paper is basically academic writing based on analysis and interpretation performed by an author on a particular topic. This can be done for a master’s degree, a doctor’s dissertation, or even for a term paper. The process of writing a research paper can be recursive, lengthy and a boring one. So, here we have given some steps that can help someone to write a good, detailed and informative research paper. First of all these basic steps should be kept in mind while writing a research paper:

  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Write in your way
  • Have discussions with your course instructor about the topic
  • Try to solve all your queries before starting the topic
  • Before submitting the research paper make sure that you get all your answers on this topic in your research

Steps to be Followed

Now, the basic steps that should be followed while writing a research paper are:

  1. Finding and Selecting All the Resources

The resources that can be chosen for writing a research paper are:

  • Books, journals and other documents
  • Bibliographies, library catalog suggestions from the instructor
  1. Arranging the Information

One must be organized while decoding information in the following way:

  • Note down the information on bibliography cards
  • Organize material as per its relative importance
  • Making small notes is also helpful
  1. Write an Outline and a Prospectus

Research Paper

Before starting to write consider the following headings:

  • The topic of the research paper
  • Significance of the paper
  • Relevant background material
  • Thesis or purpose statement
  1. Introduction

One needs to do the following for writing the introduction:

  • Presenting a relevant background
  • Always define terms or concepts wherever required
  • Explain the main focus of the paper and its specific purpose
  1. Body of the Research Paper

The body of the research paper is very important. Try to follow these guidelines while writing the body:

  • Outline and prospectus should be used as flexible guides
  • The essay should be built around points that you want to make
  • Assimilate the sources into discussion
  • One must recapitulate, analyze, and explain, the published work rather than merely reporting it
  1. Conclusion

It would be better to end the research paper on a well explained and effective way.

  • Summarize the paper in the end
  • Make your point clear
  • Explain if the topic needs further research

The final step would be revising the final draft before submission and trying to eradicate all the errors if any present. Check your document that it is well written and have all the points that make it the best, readable, error-free and well explained.