New Action Movies Releases 2020: Arjun Suravaram

Arjun suravaram is a south indiantelugu film written and directed by T. Santhosh. This is one of the new actions movies released in 2020 and in best tollywood movies that became a great hit. This action thriller genre gives you enough chills to sit through out the film. This film shows how some social problems affect the whole nation. It’s a must watch film if you are concerned towards society. Watch it on Aha.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Nikhil Siddharth

Actress: LavanyaTripathi

Director: T. Santhosh

Based: Kanithan by T. Santhosh

Producer: RajkumarAkella

Music: Sam C.S.

Cinematography: Surya

New Action Movies Releases 2020 Arjun Suravaram

Other information:

Runtime: 149 minutes

Release date: 29 November 2019

Genre: Action, Thriller

Budget: 10 Crores

Box Office: est’ 16-21 Crores

Story line:

The story begins in the Tv news channels as Arjun Suravaram being the protagonist. He is a passionate journalist who works in a prestigious television channel with an aim to achieve higher. His father and grandfather are also journalists and could be one of the reasons why he is so much into it. His father is idealistic about journalism but he is not interested in seeing his loved son working as a journalist as he believes that the true value of journalism has gone extinct. Irrespective of his father’s words, arjun pursues journalism with passion and motive. He wants to become an investigative journalist to a globally famous and reputed News channel. But the story begins here as he puts himself in danger by involving in a fake educational loan and certificate scam and now it’s his duty to prove his innocence to the government without falling for the preys and it’s his responsibility to all save people falling for such scams and he wants to put the whole story out. He will be supported by his lover, also the daughter of the news channel he is working for, Kavya. She helps him as she believes that he is innocent. Together as they discover the hidden truths, far more serious and underworld businesses come into existence. As responsible journalists, what they do is the thrilling aspect in the film.

Artists performance:

  • As we already know that Nikhil is a great actor and he can perform any character well, he’s given his best at this movie. He actually gave the true meaning to the movie with his actions.
  • LavanyaTripathi was beautiful and as a female lead, she just got into her role smoothly and nailed it completely.
  • Tarun Arora has got the perfect look and action! He played as a brilliant villain and kicked the audience’s perspective.

Technical Asset:

  • A crazy, unique and amazing story! What do we say when everything goes so well according to the plan!!
  • The perfect execution of the story. Direction of the movie was clear and detailed in every aspect.
  • Editing was the best! They looked up to each and every detail like colouring, transitions and many more.
  • Fine music! It was very melodious and active to listen anytime on loop.

This film depicts the real responsibility of a journalist and it shows how ignorant people in the society are towards its betterments. It is a best film in all tollywood films and as new action movies released in 2020 and Aha!