Learn more about the express entry to Canada

Various workers wish to settle down in Canada and get permanent residence. This could be due to multiple reasons such as education, work, or other things. One can apply for this permanent residency with the help of different law firms through express entry to Canada. They offer a variety of programs under which one can apply for permanent residence and get settled permanently. The lawyers of each law firm get into all the details to help each one get it successfully done.

Choose the right program for express entry

The first kind of program allows a worker to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It is precisely for those workers who have prior experience working in Canada. To avail of this program’s services and get direct express entry to Canada, one needs to meet all the minimum eligibility criteria, failing which one would not be able to move to Canada. The second kind of program is specifically for those workers who have expertise in a particular area and want to move to Canada permanently. Their residency is explicitly given based on one person being qualified in a given specific trade.

The third kind of program is for those who have work experience in Canada and want to take up permanent residency in Canada. All that the candidate has to do is meet the eligibility standards.

More about the express entry to Canada

One needs to follow all the instructions to apply for this program accurately. If one fails to meet any one of the eligibility criteria, then they might not be able to get permanent residency in Canada. After submitting the article and selection, the candidate shall receive an invitation to apply for the same. After this invitation, the candidate shall have about sixty days to follow the following steps further.