A Short Note on Keyboard: An Input Device for Computer

The keyboard is the word that everyone knows because without that the digital world function is a bit difficult. It is one of the devices that is used as the primary input in the form of text to the machinery as well as for the computers. This device is more important because it supports people to communicate with digital devices. If we look at the design of the keyboard it consists of various buttons which have alphabets, numbers, and symbols. The keyboard also has special keys which will be specifically used to communicate with the computer properly. If we look at the keyboard design this has been taken from the typewriter machine which makes people type easily. These keyboards are basically classified into two different major categories named basic and extended.

  • Basic: This kind of keyboard has the major 104 keys which are enough to execute all the functions to communicate to the computers.
  • Extended: This kind has additional keys along with the basic keyboard that mainly depends on the company that it makes. The additional keys will feature computer functions and will ease the typing work.

colorful mechanical keyboard.

Apart from these kinds, the keyboard can be classified into several kinds such as Ergonomic, Flexible, wireless, Mechanical, QWERTY, virtual, gaming, and projection keyboards. Each and every keyboard are delivering its purposes properly and the users can utilize these based on the function they execute. In this, the most used keyboard is the mechanical keyboard.

It is the keyboard that has all the keys as in typewriters. The layout of the keys is under the category named QWERTY. The beginners will use this for practice. These mechanical keyboards will exist in the form of the traditional and colorful mechanical keyboard. According to the user’s requirements and interests, they may pick anyone. Though it is any kind the layout will be the same.